i3 Recruit accredited coach – December 2017

We are now accredited to carry out i3 Recruit candidates’ assessments to complement our executive search offering.

The i3 instrument produces a unique result for each person being tested. This highly individual focus makes it almost impossible to compare, and puts it in the highest category of test instruments, because such an individual test is likely to produce far more pertinent information than a generic one.

Behind every i3 product and tool, you’ll find one underlying conviction: the belief that no two people are the same. That’s why no two people’s i3 profiles are the same. Discovering what makes us all different can dramatically increase productivity, help to build strong and effective teams, provide objective guidance when developing a career or revolutionise your recruiting process.

i3 Profile is a broad-spectrum test. While a traditional personality test will measure just that and no more – i3 also measures aspects such as elements of personality, aptitude, working style, preferences – likes and wants – and combines these into a powerful individual visual and verbal profile.

The aim is to identify your individuality and inspiring uniqueness. Psychometrics are largely type based (the group or type of personality you are assessed to be). An i3 profile is trait based as we display a mix of 7 indicators and traits associated with candidates’ individual mix.

In order to make the process an all-encompassing tool when carrying out a recruitment assignment, in addition to testing shortlisted candidates, a role profile is generated in collaboration with the hiring manager: this gives employers an objective insight into the instinctive and natural strengths and behaviours of potential candidates prior to shortlist, interview and appointment. Our report will translate your specific requirements in terms of competencies into i3 language and display, providing you with additional information within the matching process.